Retrain Your Brain: Access Your Happier Self

We all know the value of becoming physically fit; but did you know the powers of mental fitness?

This webinar will give you some tips and tricks to help you retrain your brain so you can try to worry less,  stop stressing over things you can’t control and get a better night’s sleep.

Watch this recording to pump up your mental fitness. Research with over 500,000 people has proven that Mental Fitness helps us access peak performance, sustain healthy, fulfilling relationships, and experience a greater sense of happiness and well-being. The recording is only available for members and can be found in the resources section of the members-only infohub.


This is the first session in our Professional Development Series.


Cynthia Way, President and Owner, Way To Go! Inc. 

Valerie Lingeman, OwnerDouble Helix Learning LLC

Additional Resources

Cynthia and Valerie  have several options to help you put what you learn from the webinar into practice. Feel free to share these resources with people you care about too.
  1. Download the free tool 10 Easy Everyday Brain Retraining Exercises
  2. Take the free Saboteur Assessment to learn more about how you self-sabotage.
Want more info?  Cynthia and Valerie are more than happy to have a no obligation conversation with you to discover how we might better help you.  Check us out at  Cynthia at 703-626-9228 or [email protected], Valerie at 202-276-6116 or [email protected]

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