About DMFA

The Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association

The Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association (DMFA) is dedicated to helping professionals in the non-profit fundraising arena grow member and donor contributions by providing an environment for engaging with each other, sharing “best practices,” and gaining knowledge and education about current trends impacting us all. Throughout the year we offer a series of educational workshops, fun and engaging luncheons and informative special events where members can network with each other and share valuable marketing insights that they can apply immediately to their unique challenges.

Established in 1972, the DMFA is made up of a very active member community of non-profit organizations, direct marketing, advertising and marketing agencies and partners, all committed to making fundraising more effective and cost efficient. Regardless of the constituency your fundraising serves, you’ll find the DMFA a valuable resource.

Why Join the DMFA


The DMFA is proud to have as members of our community some of the most talented and influential direct marketers in the industry. In an effort to recognize these hard-working individuals and honor some of the most excellent work in our field, the DMFA annually presents a number of highly coveted awards including The Marketer of the Year Award and The DMFA AWARDS. The DMFA has also created the DMFA Scholarship Fund to help members enrich their professional development.

As the DMFA’s mission is to develop high-quality programming for professional fundraisers engaged in direct mail, digital, multi-channel, and other channels of fundraising while actively pursuing our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, we accept proposals from industry leaders for our webinars and in person events. We are accepting speaker proposals for Second and Third Quarter 2022. You can submit a proposal here.

DMFA values each and every individual member. If you are a professional engaged in direct mail, digital, multi-channel, or any other channel of fundraising, we know you, too, will benefit from being a member and encourage you to join today!