Founded in 1987, Production Solutions has proudly served the nonprofit community for 30 years. As a member of the Moore family of companies, we are able to offer a suite of marketing services to maximize the potential of your program, including channel-specific specialties in direct mail, digital marketing, direct response television, caging and donation processing, video production and more.

Meet Leigh Janis








Leigh Janis, the Director of Sales & Brand Strategy at Production Solutions, is an inspiring, energetic, competitive, caring, and driven leader. It is a surprise to no one that Leigh is being honored with the prestigious Marketing Edge 2020

Rising Star award. Leigh has helped shape the future of marketing leadership. She pays it forward and works to bring her vision to life not only for her organization, but also for the industry at large.

Leigh leads with a coaching mentality that balances support and challenge. She empowers her team to build the trust to take risks and disrupt the status quo.
She pairs encouragement with unwavering care to create a dynamic and unified team mentality that can face any obstacle. She thrives at leading team members to develop a game plan where they can understand their purpose and find fulfillment.

Leigh has embraced the motto: BE BOLD! Her advice for anyone looking
to grow into rising stars themselves is to be your own driver, ask for what you
need, and always look through a lens of learning. She believes that all challenges are ultimately learning opportunities, so look to the future with positivity and excitement. Leigh says that pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone guarantees growth and long-lasting impact. The energy and passion Leigh brings each day is key to moving herself, her colleagues, and the industry forward into the future.

Her team is surely one that anyone would want to play on.


• Three personal passions? Yoga, basketball, and spending time with family

• What advice would you give your 21-year-old self? Embrace change

• Desert island soundtrack? Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen