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Planned Giving: Reshape the Conversation

Legacy giving is more important today than ever: 57% of all Americans, regardless of income level, expect to leave an inheritance. Since the pandemic began, Google searches for estate planning, will writing and bequests have shot through the roof. Is your organization ready to have the Planned Giving conversation with your donors?

Watch this webinar where you will learn the best ways to incorporate this language in fundraising appeals, talk to donors in a candid and honest way, and how to build or refresh a Planned Giving program that will undoubtedly lead to big returns.

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Key Take-Aways 

  • How to speak to internal stakeholders about why legacy giving is so important, and get buy-in from your organization.
  • How to build a holistic Planned Giving plan for donors that starts as soon as you bring them in the door, and continues throughout their relationship with you.
  • About different legacy giving options that can work for donors with different budgets—and how to fit those options into your own budget.


Sally Frank, Senior Vice President of Social Media and Digital, Faircom New York

Brian Peterson, Director of Legacy and Gift PlanningHuman Rights Watch