Demystifying Coop Database Participation

Download this webinar to learn how with 8 coop sources now on the market, you should evaluate the true value exchange for your organization.

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Key Takeaways

  • Understand permission rights for use of the data
  • Understand how the Coop ingests your data into the base
  • Who owns the data within the Coop
  • How is your data used within and potentially outside the Coop
  • What happens to your data if you pull out of the Coop
  • What happens when your donor “opts out”
  • Typical use cases for a Coop


Tom Fleming, SVP Donor Acquisition, Adstra Nonprofit

Tyler Hall, Senior Director, Direct Marketing, Easterseals

Bruce Hammer, VP Nonprofit Services, Path2Response

Rick Witt, SVP Client Services, Wiland

Hosted by: Britt Vatne, President, Adstra Nonprofit

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