Save our Premiums – Nonprofits

On August 23, the USPS unveiled a plan that would prohibit non paper-based/printed matter; no merchandise or goods will be allowed of any type regardless of “value.”   The rule the Service intends to propose would deprive nonprofits of the use of premiums in Marketing Mail.

In the short term, and also long into the future, affected nonprofits would suffer substantial lost revenue and consequential significant lost resources for valuable programs and those who utilize them. The Service declined to withdraw its plan.  In response, the DMFA, along with other industry organizations, launched a robust all-hands-on-deck letter-writing campaign aimed directly at the ill-considered plan.

The USPS was open to comments and feedback from mailers on how this proposal will impact them through October 22. In a recent update, more than 3,600 comments and letters were reported.  This is considered an atypically high response – thank you to all who participated.

The Postmaster General will engage in this discussion going forward, through a Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee and other means.  And the USPS is proceeding with the tabulation of rule-making comments.  Please check back for further updates on this important issue.