Crisis or Not: Six Quick Wins for Your Direct Marketing Program

Here’s a Direct Marketing Quick Win Checklist for immediate benefits to your fundraising programs.

  • Consistent, quality data hygiene is essential. Accurate data saves money, saves time, and reduces waste. Data hygiene is also critical for data protection and security, as well as for compliance with expanding data privacy regulations.
  • Two inexpensive “address solution” services from the USPS benefit both large and small mailers:

 The Address Change Service (ACS) provides change-of-address and other non-delivery information to you electronically. This reduces the amount of returned mail and the time and cost of dealing with manual address corrections to your database. You save money by removing bad address records from your mailing lists. Corrected addresses can be delivered faster in upcoming mailings.

 Address Element Correction (AEC) identifies and corrects addresses that are missing address elements. AEC also contains incorrect address elements that require additional handling and delays or, worse, makes delivery impossible.

  • Build Longer Lead Times into Your Direct Mail Production Schedules. With more suppliers consolidating and, in some cases closing, capacity has become limited. Certain direct mail components also take longer to print. Suppliers are also less likely to accommodate last minute jobs. Work with your teams and partners to adjust your schedules so you can continue to meet your mail dates.
  • Use Informed Delivery with your Direct Mail Campaigns. Over 23 million subscribers nationwide get a digital preview of their mail every day. You get a free, 2nd impression of your direct mail piece. Informed Delivery digital campaigns are free to mailers, easy to create and set up, and get top position in Informed Delivery subscribers’ Daily Digest emails.

This service lets you reach prospects and donors digitally even if you only have their physical address. Plus, our industry partners report that prospects are responding more quickly to acquisition campaigns that use Informed Delivery.

  • Conduct a Postal Logistics Audit. Maximize your postage savings with a postage analysis of your overall program and individual mailings to determine the best delivery strategies. Whether commingling, drop shipping, or hybrid solutions, the right postage plan will also speed delivery, provide more predictable in-home dates, and offer mail tracking.
  • Digital Program Mini-Audit. Ask a digital marketing expert to review your donation forms, website, email program, and search and social platforms to uncover any opportunities for improvement. Chances are they’ll suggest some quick fixes that will have an immediate impact. Ask them to prioritize any changes that may require more time, resources, and investment.

No matter if you’re fundraising in a crisis or calm seas, these quick wins are easy to tackle, especially if you ask your partners for help. So get started today!

By: Teresa Pessaro, PMG