Sustainers: A MUST DO and HOW TO for Organizations of all sizes

Sustainers are not just for big organizations with huge budgets any longer. Giving monthly has become more popular with donors of all ages and benefits organizations of all sizes. But nobody said it would be easy.  We are here to help. Our Sustainer workshop on October 22, 2019 in DC was a successful afternoon filled with exercises, discussions, statistics, proven approaches and new ideas, including approaches to storytelling, marketing, payment systems, reports and most of all: lots of sharing amongst organizations.  If you did not attend, you can still learn from those who’ve gone before you to pave the way.

We are happy to provide you with the presentations  and supporting documentation from:

Cameron Popp, WETA

Liz Murphy,  Beaconfire RED

Erica Waasdorp,  A Direct Solution

Just log into the members-only area of our web site to get hands-on information on starting a monthly giving program complete with sample emails and testimonial requests. Just click over to the resources area from the left-hand nav bar.

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