People Time & Brain Power: Mid-level vs. AcquisitionPeople Time & Brain Power: Mid-level vs. Acquisition

In this interactive, participatory session, our two analytic-oriented fundraisers led the audience through a comparison of both acquisition trends and the trends on mid-level giving. Acquisition is critical to continually feed the donor pipeline. New donors become multi-consecutive-year loyal donors in subsequent years and multi-year donors keep the leaky bucket from extensively leaking. While acquisition is critical for growing a fundraising program, it is sometimes quite surprising to review the total hours being allocated to acquisition across all staff at the organization combined with all the fundraising partners involved. Mid-level giving has become increasingly mainstreamed as a piece of fundraising strategy and organization structures. More and more organizations have dedicated staff to manage and execute these programs. But are the staff levels enough given the value of these donors and their future value to the organization? Find out by logging on to our web site, going to the cloud or resource icon in the left nav and downloading the presentation.