2020 Election’s Done: What’s Next

Who could have predicted the last 8 months?

In February, Melanie Arnold (American Red Cross), Jeff Cosgrove (Epsilon), and Nancy Eiring (Hawkeye) shared their expertise as both political and nonprofit marketers and fundraisers, during an election year. Pre-COVID, Melanie, Nancy, and Jeff shared strategies for ‘staying the course’ in a crowded political fundraising environment.

Download the webinar to watch Melanie, Nancy, and Jeff as they share what they’ve observed over the last eight months. What has surprised them? How has COVID affected their fundraising campaigns and the channels leveraged like direct mail, digital, TM, social? Were fundraising goals met? And if not, why not? What happens when you try to fundraise for presidential or other campaigns during the year that is the largest dumpster fire known to humankind?


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