Continue the Conversation on Chat GPT and AI

The Experts (and ChatGPT) on Technology Trends, Algorithms, and AI

Sarah Birnie, Vice President of Analytics at Avalon Consulting spoke with her peers and fundraising industry experts on how they have been using AI in their workplaces. And since ChatGPT brought AI to the forefront of people’s conversations, she threw in answers about that too!

Part 1 of this conversation was published in the DMFA print newsletter. If you already read it and need a refresher, members can access it online in the members only area.  Part 2 and Part 3 are online below.

The experts:

Roger Hiyama | Executive Vice President, Solutions & Innovation | Wiland

Susan Paine | Vice President, Data Analytics & Strategy | Human Rights Campaign

Derek Drockelman | Vice President, Sales & Marketing | ROI Solutions

Emily Courville | Senior Director, Analytics | The Humane Society of the United States

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