Marketer of the Year Profile



To be considered for Marketer of the Year, the DMFA looks for members who have made significant contributions to our industry. When the passionate nominations for Jill Burkhardt came in, it was apparent that she more than earned this honor.

Jill is the Senior Vice President of Development for North Shore Animal League America. Already an experienced marketing professional, Jill began as the Director of Pet Sponsorships, a sustainer program for dogs and cats with special needs. She had been commuting to New York City from Long Island for years. After her son was born it was time for a change. The job description read like a perfect fit. “Fourteen years and two promotions later, not a day goes by that I don’t believe in the lifesaving work that we do,” says Jill.

To accomplish North Shore’s mission, Jill leads a like-minded, and laser-focused team who shares Jill’s passion for fundraising, even during a pandemic. “The need for our services doesn’t stop,” says Jill. “We have been deemed an ‘essential service’ by the government and that couldn’t be more true. Our existence is to save the lives of a

nimals who need us. We can’t do that without our supporters.”

To accomplish this, Jill manages a mind-boggling array of departments, including digital marketing, direct mail, planned and major gift programs, creative and video production, event development, and database operations.

Yet it’s her collaborative spirit that has helped North Shore reach or exceed its annual fundraising goals and objectives. She never loses focus on the reason North Shore exists and the good work that they do. “You need to make sure every team member knows that together, they are part of something much bigger than themselves,” says Jill.

“I watched my previous supervisors never get involved in the entire day-to-day operations. I vowed I would do the opposite if given the chance. To truly learn the ins and outs, you need to be alongside the team.”

And Jill understands what motivates donors to give to North Shore. Every dollar is important and she makes sure every constituent feels like they are making the difference in an animal’s life.  If that doesn’t define “Marketer of the Year,” it’s hard to imagine what would.

More About Jill

Is it hard not to adopt a million pets?

Not anymore, they all eventually get adopted.  Our no-kill promise ensures that.  Watching an adoption in progress never gets old.

What advice would you give your 21-year-old self?

Don’t give up on anything too easily, be willing to adapt to change, and start your 401K now and put in the maximum every year!

What is your one wish for the world?

I’ve prayed for the same three things for the world for many years now.  Peace. Love. Unity. I believe if we’ve got that covered, all else will simply fall into place.